Civil Rights

Aldon Bolanos is committed to the civil rights of ordinary people. From the right to gay marriage to the right of businesses to operate free from government interference to overreaching national banks, he wages a tireless battle on behalf of his oppressed clients.

As a civil rights lawyer, Aldon Bolanos has consistently overcome the long odds in favor of the establishment and achieve astoundingly successful victories. Indeed, his firm holds the record for the largest jury verdict in the history of Sacramento County in a civil rights case against a major tobacco company.

Aldon Bolanos has represented many clients as a civil right lawyer in Sacramento. Below are just some examples of successful cases that he has won on behalf of his clients.

Attorney Bolanos represented nine same-sex couples before the California Supreme Court in their quest to establish the right to same-sex marriage.  By comparing prior laws against interracial marriage to the current restrictions against same-sex unions, Bolanos submitted legally persuasive briefs, which resulted in a victory for the clients.

In Hernandez v. Merin, Aldon Bolanos won an arbitration award for his client against prominent transient attorney Mark Merin after Merin unsuccessfully tried to erect a tent city next to the Hernandez family home.