Aldon Bolanos is well-known for taking stands against improper discrimination in the workplace and opposing unjust laws. He recently advocated on behalf of a collection of Sikh Indian businessmen against a County measure that would have clipped their business earnings.

Aldon Bolanos’ discrimination clients enjoy unparalleled aggressive legal support and access to all state and federal courts within the State of California as well as the appropriate government connections to ensure a timely and successful result.

Aldon Bolanos has represented many clients as a discrimination lawyer in Sacramento. Below are just some examples of successful cases that he has won on behalf of his clients.

In McCarthy v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Aldon Bolanos won a unanimous jury verdict in federal court with a judgement of eight hundred thousand dollars plus an award of statutory attorneys’ fees against the tobacco giant for employment discrimination.

Aldon Bolanos represented a high-ranking employee within a multinational credit exchange company.  She was terminated after requiring a reasonable accommodation for her disability.  After the initial depositions were taken, Aldon was able to negotiate a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of his client.