Aldon Bolanos is the Sacramento region’s premier employment attorney. He has represented clients in cases against Fortune 500 companies and achieved stratospheric results.

During the insurance meltdown of the early 2000’s, the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) attempted to pass liability for claims onto California businesses after their own insurance companies went insolvent. In response, Attorney Aldon Bolanos led the charge in sheltering all California businesses from what would have been lethal liability for thousands of claims.

Aldon Bolanos has represented many clients as an employment attorney in Sacramento. Below are just some examples of successful cases that he has won on behalf of his clients.

In Almquist v. Dept. of Social Services, Aldon Bolanos successfully unmasked illegal kickbacks at the state entity, leading to a substantial settlement for his client.

In Arcilia v. CHOC, Aldon Bolanos revealed that the director of the non-profit was engaged in the misappropriation of funds for her personal use, including champagne and foie gras at expensive hotels, and won a substantial settlement for his accountant client after the client took steps to rein in the illicit spending.