Real Estate

Aldon Bolanos has a track record of success in real estate litigation, often representing homeowners facing foreclosure against banks which has lead to his work being cited by others in the legal profession and the national news media.

 As a real estate attorney, Aldon Bolanos is credited with a number of successful victories for high profile and well-connected clients throughout the state of California.

Aldon Bolanos has represented many clients as a real estate attorney in Sacramento. Below are just some examples of successful cases that he has won on behalf of his clients.

In Singh v. Well Fargo Bank, Aldon Bolanos persuaded the court that the infamous “tender rule,” which required wrongfully foreclosed homeowners to “tender” the full amount of their mortgage, did not apply and could be equitably waived.

This was the first injunction to stop a foreclosure sale under the new California Homeowners Bill of Rights.

In Dierssen v. Specialized Loan Servicing, Aldon Bolanos successfully litigated against the bank to a stalemate, saving his client’s home and obtaining a very favorable loan modification with a rate of interest of two percent.

In Tsai v. Bank of America, Aldon Bolanos successfully forced the bank to conduct a short sale in favor of his purchasing client.

In Dunham v. Deutsche Bank, Aldon Bolanos procured a settlement on the eve of trial that required the bank to quitclaim deed the property to his client.